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Geometric Pomegranate Coaster

Geometric Pomegranate Coaster

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Beautifully designed wooden Armenian coaster featuring a beautiful geometric pomegranate motif inlaid into the coaster. The pomegranate symbolises eternal life and fertility. It is often featured in ancient Armenian architecture adorning church entrances, cross-stones (khachkars), reliefs, cornices and also depicted in ancient manuscripts. It is still a popular feature in modern architecture in Armenia.

Makes a nice 5th anniversary gift (wood) for someone who appreciates all things Armenian. Can also make an original Armenian wedding souvenir and personalised on request. Also a lovely gift for a friends birthday or just to add a bit of Armenian flavour to your own home! 

  • Dimensions    9.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Thickness       0.65cm
  • Weight           40g
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