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Armenian Apricot and Duduk Magnet

Armenian Apricot and Duduk Magnet

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Beautifully designed wooden Armenian magnet featuring the famous Armenian apricot whose Latin name is Prunus Armenicus due to its geographical origin. Armenian apricots are famous for their sweetness and the blossoming of the apricot trees as well as the harvest are celebrated annually in Armenia. The magnet also features the unique Armenian instrument known as the duduk which has a unique haunting sound heard in many movie soundtracks such as Gladiator.

The magnet dimensions are 8cm x 4cm and the thickness is .5cm The colours are created using eco-friendly non-toxic pigments and is an original product of ( who are located in Yerevan Armenia. Natural variations may occur in the colour due to the grain in the wood.

Please do not hesitate to enquire about custom orders and quantities. 

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