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Magnet Armenian Pomegranate and Tree Motif Wood Square 5cm x 5cm

Magnet Armenian Pomegranate and Tree Motif Wood Square 5cm x 5cm

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Beautifully designed wooden Armenian magnet featuring the famous Armenian pomegranate motif with a tree etching. The pomegranate symbolises life, fertility, and eternal life and can often be seen on churches, archways, and the cross stones (khachkars) of ancient Armenian monasteries and even modern day buildings in Armenia. Makes a nice 5th anniversary gift (wood) or for someone who appreciates all things Armenian. Can also make a lovely original wedding favour and can be personalised on request. Also a lovely gift for a friends birthday or just to add a bit of Armenian flavour to your own home!

The magnet dimensions are 5cm x 5cm and the thickness is .3cm The colours are created using eco-friendly non-toxic pigments and is an original product of ( who are located in Yerevan Armenia. Natural variations may occur in the colour due to the grain in the wood. Please do not hesitate to enquire about custom orders and quantities. Should you need to place a custom order please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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