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Pomegranate Sunburst Eternity Precious Metal Pendant Necklace

Pomegranate Sunburst Eternity Precious Metal Pendant Necklace

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One of its kind, original handmade pomegranate pendant by an experienced artisan of over 25 years. Item is of outstanding quality and uses excellent craftsmanship. Using upcycled metals from different sources, the pomegranate measures 3.5cm x 5cm and symbolises fertility and life and eternity. The pomegranate symbolises eternal life and fertility. It is often featured in ancient Armenian architecture adorning church entrances, cross-stones (khachkars), reliefs, cornices and also depicted in ancient manuscripts. It is still a popular feature in modern architecture in Armenia.

The beautiful pendant is 5cm in height by 4.5cm width and comes with a brown leather strap which is 34cm but can be shortened to your desired length.

  • Material     Copper, Brass, Melchior
  • Length       34cm
  • Charm       4,5 x 5cm
  • Weight      15g
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