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Armenian Cross Khachkar Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver & Leather

Armenian Cross Khachkar Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver & Leather

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Stunning 925 quality Sterling silver Armenian cross (khachkar) on genuine leather strap with an adjustable stud button closure (19cm - 21.5cm) The silver charm is 1.5cm x 4cm on a 1.5cm wide leather strap.

The Armenian cross is a very distinct and unique shape and its closest relative might be the Celtic cross. Its ornate design can be found on churches, monasteries, and the famous cross stones or khachkars which continue to be created by artisans who chisel the stone into beautiful intricate designs even to this modern day. Also found in ancient hand painted manuscripts, the cross has always been one with the identity of Armenians who pride themselves as being the first nation that accepted Christianity as a national religion.

Your bracelet will come in a linen pouch. Should you require a message card, we will be happy to arrange something for you. As with all silver, the charm could be occasionally polished with a soft cloth to bring up its shine.

A beautiful gift for a unique individual who likes gifts that are not found in the usual high street shops. It makes a wonderful Valentine's Day or birthday gift which has symbolic meaning. Also suitable for 5th anniversary (modern) or 25th anniversary (modern) gift which is represented by silver. Wonderful Christmas gift as well. The bracelet is designed and made by who are based in Yerevan Armenia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make a custom order for larger quantities.

  • Material     925 Sterling silver
  • Material     Black Leather
  • Length       19cm-21.5cm
  • Charm       1.5cm x 4cm
  • Weight      20g
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